Windows Vista Service pack 1 cleanup

If you are running windows Vista and have just installed Service Pack 1, you may now want to cleanup all the installation files used to free up some disk space.

Doing this however will mean that you will NOT be able to un-install Windows Vista service pack 1, so you may want to wait a while after the installation to ensure your system is now running much better, and more stable to check that Windows Vista service pack 1 has not made your system unstable.

So, you installed Windows Vista service pack 1, and have let it run for a month and everything is running well, so now you want to reclaim the 700+mb of disk space its taking up on your hard drive.

Step #1:
Boot up your PC and when you are at your desktop and everytihng is ready for use, click on the START menu, then type in "CMD" into the "Start Search" box which will bring up the windows command prompt.

Step #2:
At the command prompt, simply type in "vsp1cln" and press enter and you will be prompted on screen to delete the Windows Vista service pack 1 files using the Vista Service pack 1 cleanup tool.

Step #3: Accept the prompts and let it run for a few moments, then when its finished type "Exit" and press enter and your done.

You should now have an extra 700mb of space available on your hard drive.

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